Define and coronate yourself, don´t let others do it for you.“

„Researchers debate over when self-concept development begins. Some assert that gender stereotypes and expectations set by parents for their children impact children’s understanding of themselves by approximately age 3. Others suggest that self-concept develops later, around age 7 or 8, when children are developmentally prepared to interpret their own feelings and abilities, as well as feedback they receive from parents, teachers, and peers. Despite differing opinions about the onset of self-concept development, researchers agree on the importance of one’s self-concept, which influences people’s behaviors and cognitive and emotional outcomes including academic achievement, levels of happiness, anxiety, social integration, self-esteem, and life-satisfaction.“

The Shadow
as defined by Carl Jung by TOOL:

Rahman Hak-Hagir & Julia WertheimerARTIST BY DEFINITION | „Walls“
„Define and coronate yourself, dont let others do it for you.“

Limited (3/2AP/1MP), numbered signed and certified photo print. Year: 2013

Photographer: Silvia Hak-Hagir

Julia Wertheimer & Rahman Hak-Hagir
Performance Video [ 2013 | HD | 1:57 ]

Vienna, Austria | 22th December 2013:
No light.
A haunted mansion.
But nothing can stop two Artists by Definition.