– One of my favorite archetypes in literature is the Trickster – a court jester, a master of disguise and a keen observer of social landscapes. Half Austrian, half Afghani artist Rahman Hak-Hagir questions conventional thinking in his conceptual performances, documented in photos and video. In literature, the Trickster serves as a catalyst to move the plot forward.

Rahman’s cleverly constructed performances seek to promote new ways of thinking on the socio-political issues of our time by offering up a mirror. Rahman, who is the central figure in most of his theatrical performances, displays a sharp ability to distill complex narratives into simple visuals. Yet, like any good trickster, he challenges status quo with an intellectual wink and an excellent compositional eye.

A socially conscious artist, Rahman’s recent works comment on conflicting needs between the individual and the collective. Rahman’s photographs range from the absurd, to the tragic to the curious. Priced in the $2,500 – $5,000 range. I enthusiastically encourage you to become an early collector of this thinker/trickster.

Maryna Hrushetska / Art Advisor, Los Angeles (USA)

– The conceptual and performance artist Rahman Hak-Hagir plays with our expectations and our views, which are firmly burnt into our consciousness.

His performances hit my art nerve, because they are full of humor on the one hand, but are filled with serious sense, not intended for pleasing on the other hand.

I would characterize his works as „the black humor in the art world“. Each of his works challenges me to decipher the artist ́s metaphors and to read his mind.

The longer I need for this, the more fun I take out of the work. Each work forces me to look at it more than once.

That is a good base for art collecting. When you choose an art work, you want to have the feeling that you will always love to look at it and to detect something new in it or that it gives you every day new answers to the questions that move you in life.

Dirk Bernhard Schmitz / Art Collector (GER)

Rahman Hak-Hagir – THE DETROIT DOLLAR (2014)
Courtesy of Museum of New Art, Armada, Michigan (USA)

Collectors please contact the Artist directly
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Rahman Hak-Hagir
Zeleborgasse 30/9
A-1120 Vienna EU
0043 676 620 85 53