„We speak in symbols. A painter places his colors upon the wall; the colors have no relation to the actual objects, but they serve their purpose in recalling the emotions which were present when the scenes which they depict were acted. I am not at all sure that the conceptions of science have much more correspondence with reality than the colors of the artist have; but they are the symbols by which we are constantly recalling the order and beauty of Nature, and by which we by degrees force our way further and further into her penetralia, acquiring a greater insight into the mystery and wonder which are around us, and at the same time, by a happy chance, contributing to the happiness and prosperity of mankind.“

– Professor Thomas Henry Huxley, London, Royal Banket May 1887

ENERGY CRISIS (2014) – Rahman
Hak-Hagir, Francesca Lolli

Energy Crisis“ (February 2014, Waidhofen at the Thaya, Austria) is an appeal to contemporary art to reflect from the present instead of constantly repeating itself.

Photographer: Silvia Hak-Hagir

ENERGY CRISIS [Video Performance]
Camera: Mario Degrassi
Performers: Rahman Hak-Hagir,
Francesca Lolli

„An ongoing flow of new technologies, tools and information awaits us to be used and explored daily. So lets scan the real world for inspiration, not the past, so it may prosper.“
– Rahman Hak-Hagir & Francesca Lolli,
Tavernelle, Italy, Feb. 2014

„An artist shall not copy another artist.“
– Marina Abramovic, An artist’s life Manifest