“Adjusting myself for Beijing 2016.”

Limited /4+2AP), numbered, signed and artist certified photo print on alu dubond, glassed & framed 90 x 60 cm and 120 x 80 cm

Photography & Performance:
Rahman Hak-Hagir


- Long Nose is the most common German translation of the Chinese terms 長鼻子 (Pinyin: cháng bízi, literally “Long Nose”), dà bízi 大鼻子 (“Big Nose”) and 高鼻子 bízi (gāo, “high nose”) – all derogatory names for Europeans or Americans.

These terms refer to the perceived as alien physiognomy European descent people (the “white”) and have a racist connotation, in some ways like the counterpart to the in many European languages widespread vilification of East Asians as “slit eyes”.