Rahman Hak-Hagir, Manuela Maroli – PALM HOUSE / MAGIC FLUTE (2020)
Limited, numbered, signed and certified photo print on framed aluminium.

„Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Magic Flute has lost none of its topicality in over two hundred years. It is the fairy tale of the better person that we should all believe in. Not only does Mozart warn against the prejudice-guided persecution of alliances that are invisible to the masses and also criticize the position of colored people in society, but even more so when Mozart complains about the position of women in a social structure by challenging the demands of a virtuous woman juxtaposes chauvinistic phrases like those we find today not only in bar conversations and men’s societies.“Andreas Kröper

Concept & Art-Direction:
Rahman Hak-Hagir

Rahman Hak-Hagir

Manuela Maroli

Andreas Draxler

Date / Location: Vienna, Austria,
Vogelhaus, Schönbrunn Monastery
16. 10. 2019