THIS WAY (2015)

THIS WAY (2015)
[Video Performance / 6 Min. / HD]

„The Sovereign is You.“

THIS WAY was recorded together with the audience during RUDEN LIVE ART WEEK 2015 on 9th August at MUAB – Museum am Bach, Carinthia / Austria ~

Camera & Postproduction: Rahman Hak-Hagir

Thanks to Alex Samyi and MUSEUM AM BACH for all their support, and also to the friendly and cooperative, great audience in Ruden, Austria.

MUSEUM AM BACH – Institute for Social Systems Research – Ruden / Ruda (Carinthia, Austria): With the Museum am Bach acting as an Institute for Social Systems Research a new type of museum is being unfolded, negotating models instead of phenomenas. The aim of this interdisciplinary arts initiative is to find the convergance of art, artistic research, cultural and social antropology. The Museum is collecting, presenting and researching social system models, focusing on modern utopias. Its mission is to create a new holistic understanding of society, based on self education and adaptive participation.

THIS WAY (2015)

Image Documentation
[Artist signed, limited prints on request]

Sheida Samyi, Ramin Samy, Rahman Hak-Hagir